When the sun goes down in Lisbon

When the sun goes down in Lisbon   Language version: [EN] / [PL]     On the streets and squares, the game of colors, contrasts, and shadows begins     From the distance, the Tagus river shines in different shades of blue     Over the tops of the roofs, the colors of the rainbow… Continue reading When the sun goes down in Lisbon

Lisbon Digital Nomad Café Guide

Lisbon fascinates many people not only because of its unusual vibes, historical architecture or modern street art but also due to the strongly visible culture of remote work.   Nowadays, it’s relatively easy to find a spot with a free wifi almost everywhere in Lisbon, however, probably every freelancer or remote worker would admit that… Continue reading Lisbon Digital Nomad Café Guide

LX Factory in Lisbon

LX Factory is an obligatory spot on the map of Lisbon for all creative souls – artists, young entrepreneurs, digital nomads, freelancers, remote workers and others.   If you are looking for an innovative and unusual environment to work, learn or just meet other positive minds – that’s a great spot to visit while in… Continue reading LX Factory in Lisbon