To be like a leaf falling from the tree. Wherever the wind blows. You will go. Knowing the direction is always right

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New beginnings. No one ever knows where to start. But if there is any general rule that we all would agree on - then it states that the easiest way to start is to start.



At the end of the day, that's what each and every one of us do when we move on. One day we wake up, make our beds, proceed with our daily routines, and without second-guessing we just know we've already taken the first step into something new.



Something has changed in the way we think, the way we move and the way we behave. Something has changed, and deep down we know we are heading in a new direction.



Unknown horizons excite our minds more than any superficial dopamine boosters. And even if we don't know the path yet, we can be sure the wind is blowing in the right direction.



It's been always about the journey, not a destination. And it's been always about the feeling, not a rigid set of rules.



The best things are the ones that come without notice but ground us in our certainty that who we are, what we do and where we are is what we believe is best for us. Here and now.



So yes, you're still like a leaf falling from the tree - whenever the wind blows, you go, but now you know it's been always about blowing and flowing in the direction that is just right.




Sunset on the ferry to Toronto from Toronto Island, January 2021


By Natalia | CraftTheWay

Hi, it's Natalia. I'm a visual storyteller who is traveling the world trying to explore like a local. I’m writing about the advantages of slow travel and journeys through Tuscany, Bali, Thailand, Portugal, Canary Islands, Scandinavia and more. I love design and architecture, I like to observe city life behind my camera lens, but it's the time spent somewhere on the road, among nature, that inspires me the most and that's where you'll find me most often.