Palo Alto Market in Barcelona

Palo Alto is often called a secret oasis of creativity.


It is here where you can meet artists during their daily work just behind natural garlands of flowers, trees, and shrubs. Every first weekend of the month, these ornamental gardens are open to visitors and turn from a quiet space into the bustling market - full of sounds, tastes, and smells. Welcome to the Palo Alto Market.


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Palo Alto is a modern place where people spend their leisure time and experience art, design, and music. It's held in one of the most creative spaces in Barcelona and combines the elements of a street market, gallery, live concert, and foodie event.


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Palo Alto Market has become a social area with various goals. First of all, it's a meeting place. On the other hand, the event offers a possibility of associating with art and culture. It's an ideal spot for everyone who appreciates cultural initiatives and social collaboration.

Are you looking for something for foodies? Here you can find plenty of food trucks with a variety of different cuisines. Taste your favorite dish and, in the meantime, listen to live music, participate in workshops or art exhibitions - these are only a few examples of a broad range of initiatives taking place during the Palo Alto Market.

However, the main attractions are street stalls where you can find all kinds of handmade accessories, pieces of jewelry, wooden glasses or eco-friendly clothes.

The Palo Alto complex is located in an old factory in the Poblenou district. It was founded in 1875. After the renovation, this area has become the cradle of artists in Barcelona.

Nowadays, Palo Alto combines remnants of the past, in the form of the industrial space with modern design and creativity. Among the gardens on the urban island - as Palo Alto is often called - many of local companies have their headquarters. People appreciate a comfortable, unusual space, beautiful views and natural gardens.

Palo Alto is an example of the modern design of the urban area. The rehabilitation of these old factories shows how to respect the past and at the same time create new architectural spaces.


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