Fiesole: one-day trip near Florence, Tuscany

Fiesole is a picturesque town located on the hills surrounding Florence.


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The small town of Fiesole in Italy hides many well-preserved Etruscan and Roman ruins—what you can find here, in particular, is e.g. the Roman Theatre and the Bath in the archeological area. On the other hand, Fiesole is the cradle of Medici villas and Renaissance palaces. The architecture itself harmonize here closely with nature. Fiesole stands for one the most impressive viewpoints of the Tuscan countryside and the city of Florence—all of them you can discover wandering through lush romantic gardens, grapevines and olive trees.


Fiesole, Toskania - Crafttheway.comFiesole, Toskania - Crafttheway.comFiesole, Toskania -


This is exactly why you don't need to plan your trip to Fiesole at all.


When you get off the bus number 7 on one of the main squares in the town (Fiesole is located just several minutes by public transportation from the center of Florence), just go straight in any spontaneously chosen direction. Without any unnecessary hurry, and with the beautiful peace of mind, wander between the paths. Once turn right, other time turn left, enjoy stunning architecture and overwhelming nature around. 


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Fiesole, Toskania - Fiesole, Toskania -

Fiesole, Toskania -


Stop at any randomly chosen viewpoints to experience and capture inspiring panoramas of the Tuscan hills.


Feel what the beautiful Italian sentence Il bel far niente” really means.


Go straight ahead, turn back and turn again, because in Fiesole the most unexpected trails guarantee the most memorable experiences.


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Fiesole, Toskania - Crafttheway.comFiesole, Toskania -


Wandering between the paths and stairs across the town, going up and down, again and again, we got finally to Parco di Montececeri. The park is on the hill, everything around was filled with the lush, green forest and almost no one was there that time. Every now and then we spotted viewpoints from which we could see Tuscany from the top. In Parco di Montececeri, Leonardo Da Vinci tested his first flying machines in practice. It wouldn't be easy to find the equally inspiring corner for new experiments, I guess.


Fiesole, Toskania - Crafttheway.comFiesole, Toskania -

Fiesole, Toskania -


Just a few minutes from the main streets of Fiesole (Piazza Mino), the Monastery of St. Francis is located. The whole area in the western, historic center of Fiesole has an intriguing, unique vibe, especially if visiting during the sunset. In a short distance from the church, you can find another worth-visiting viewpoint called Landscape from Road to Saint Francesco (Panorama dalla Strada per S. Francesco).


When you look at the landscape around, you aren't surprised at all when it turns out that time has stopped somewhere between the alleys of Fiesole.





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