The colours, sounds and flavours. The joy and energy. Singing, shouting, talking. The shots, crackles, applauses. That’s how Barcelona celebrated the Chinese New Year 2016. 

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On Saturday, 13th of February 2016, in Barcelona was held the sumptuous parade to celebrate the Chinese New Year. More than 1,000 people gathered on the streets to come together and enjoy the arrival of the Year of the Monkey.


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The ceremony was organised by the Chinese community in Barcelona in the collaboration with other entities. Among the participants, there were both Chinese and Catalan representatives, so it creates the beautiful mixture of both cultures. People had the opportunity to see the amazing show that included the Chinese and Catalan traditions.


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What could we expect during the celebration of the Chinese New Year in Barcelona?

First of all, on the streets were shown enormous and colourful Chinese dragons. Children and adults dressed in traditional costumes presented their local dances and songs.


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On the other hand, participants had the opportunity to observe also some Catalan traditions like among others the famous human towers (castells).


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What’s more, plenty of Diables, Dracs and Dancers were running around the streets shooting the fireworks and making the chaos.


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The route of the parade began at the Estació del Nord park. Then, the big parade went through the narrow streets of the Eixample area. The route ended at the Arc de Triomf.


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The arrival of the Chinese New Year was celebrated on 8th of February. There are many countries that every year organise huge celebrations with local Chinese communities.


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Have you ever participated in the similar celebration? Share with us your memories or photos!


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