The Food Temple is one of the most interesting vegan spots in Lisbon, located in the middle of the historical area of the city,  Mouraria. The owners describe it as a project aimed to create a space to get together and enjoy meals with family or friends in a very natural and creative atmosphere. 


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Cosy yard in the middle of Mouraria


The visit in The Food Temple can be a real adventure as the place is hidden between plenty of very narrow streets and low-rising buildings in Mouraria – one of the oldest and most colourful Lisbon’s districts (read more about the best places to explore in Lisbon). What’s even more interesting, when you finally reach the proper corner, the first thing you see is a big yard with wide stairs just near the entrance. The whole area in front of the restaurant is designed for guest what, in my opinion, is a big advantage as it impacts a social atmosphere of The Food Temple.


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Long summer evenings outdoors


The restaurant itself is very small – there is one big table for a few people inside. However, owners prepared a big outdoor space with plenty of tables, comfortable, colourful pillows, warm blankets and wooden desks on the stairs where you can enjoy your dinner. In my opinion, the possibility of sitting on the stairs with friends, drinking and eating outside is very attractive and due to this fact the owners can offer even more exceptional experiences for guests.


Pleasant and unimposing atmosphere


What also creates a special atmosphere of The Food Temple is a new menu every day. Furthermore, you shouldn’t look for a printed menu card – the waiters invite the guests to the seats and talk about The Food Temple’s daily specials. On one hand, some people probably consider it as a disadvantage as they don’t have enough time to choose the most suitable menu or they don’t know prices (you have to ask the waiter for it). On the other hand, it’s a good opportunity to have a little chat with the hosts about their place, food or the city at all. It’s a nice and friendly way of strengthening the relation between the guests and hosts – isn’t it?


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Vegan food experience


The Food Temple serves vegetarian and vegan cuisine. The menu consists of starters, main courses as well as desserts. Each dish is prepared from natural ingredients and, as I mentioned before, you can find there a very different offer every day. I’ve had an opportunity to taste their couscous salad with arugula and pomegranate seeds, pea hummus with nachos as well as rice with grilled vegetables (e.g. asparaguses and aubergines) with the homemade chilli tomato sauce. I have to admit that all of these dishes were delicious! The combination of tastes was very surprising – especially when it comes to the couscous salad and vegetable rice. Portions were big enough with a good choice of ingredients and well-composed flavours. It’s also worth to mention that they offer a wide range of teas and craft beers to choose from.


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  • Location in the heart of the city
  • Cosy yard with wide stairs
  • Authentic vegan food
  • Daily menu
  • Moderately cheap prices
  • Friendly staff
  • Neighborly atmosphere



  • Limited food area
  • No printed menu





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Have you ever had an opportunity to visit The temple food? Or maybe you can recommend another worth-seeing vegan restaurant in Lisbon? I’m looking forward to hearing from you!