Food market in the middle of the industrial space of the city – Eat Street in Barcelona

Food market in the middle of the industrial space of the city – all you need to know about Eat Street in Barcelona

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A large number of food trucks with high quality, international dishes, energetic music and a relaxing atmosphere in the middle of the industrial space of Barcelona – that’s a summary of the food market called East Street organised once a month in Nau Bostik in Barcelona.


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Nau Bostik is an industrial area in Barcelona where in the past were located warehouses. Currently, this space is transformed into the new cultural venue in the city. Nowadays, similar concepts of reorganising the old industrial spaces into some modern, energetic areas have become more and more popular. These kinds of areas are designed mainly to create spaces for local communities and organise art exhibitions, cultural events or hold events for millennials. Eat Street is an excellent example of such an initiative and shows that a good idea can involved local communities in the process of transforming old zones into vibrant and modern spots.


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Eat Street combines the idea of a food market with the social space filled with music, talks and opportunities to collaborate. Each month many people come together to spend their leisure time in the open air, discover some new tastes of international cuisines or just to make some social exchanges.


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The main advantage of this event is the variety of dishes that you can taste straight from the famous food trucks. International chefs are participating in the culinary challenge. Their primary goal is to prepare the original dish that has never been cooked before. Participants have a unique opportunity to observe the chefs during their daily work and then taste the effects of their passion to food.


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Veggie sandwiches, Mexican tacos, sesame sauces, healthy burgers filled with a mint – there are many kinds of food that you can order – regardless of your preferences. Furthermore, ‘BCN Mes’ – the organiser of this event – has planned other attractions too. For instance, it’s worth to mention about stands with organic sweets, natural juices, local wines or craft beers. In the timetable, there are also included gastronomic screenings as well as lectures or presentations related to cooking.


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Another strong point of this event is the possibility to spend Sunday afternoon in the open air in the middle of the creative and industrial area far away from the hustle and bustle city centreIf you’re looking for an idea for your weekend, you shouldn’t miss Eat Street. That’s an excellent spot to meet creative minds, taste unusual, quality street food and just relax yourself sitting on the wall, admiring the sunset and listening to sounds of modern, energetic music. Great vibes and super exciting experiences are guaranteed.


Eat Street (12)





1-day festival organised every month



Ferran Turné, 1-11

Barcelona, Spain


How to get there?

Metro L1, L5, L9 or L10



Free entry




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