Are you looking for a place to boost your productivity while spending a few days in the sunny city of Valencia? Or maybe you’ve just arrived in the city that never sleeps so just want to find a spot to work on your projects, drinking coffee or green tea in one of terraces or gardens of Valencia’s cafes? In any case, check out the list of the most interesting spots to work remotely on the map of Valencia.


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  1. Bluebell Coffee Co.


Honestly, I found this place randomly while searching for some cafes with a free WiFi in Valencia on Foursquare. What especially caught my attention, was a big outside terrace with a few desks and chairs for guests use, filled with lush, green plants. One day after, I spent there a super productive morning, working on my recent projects in a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere.




Large wooden tables, comfortable chairs and plenty of sockets to plug your laptop – these are one of the main advantages of this spot for digital nomads. On the other hand, both, delicious, healthy food, as well as a modern interior design, make this place a paradise also for foodies or design lovers.




A variety of sandwiches with a homemade, fruits or vegetable paste, colorful salads or whole grain cookies with huge pieces of chocolate – these are just sample dishes you can order in Bluebell Coffee Co. The owners offer to their guests a free cucumber water, but in the menu, you can also find many other drinks – from fresh cocktails to teas or coffees. Pastel colors of dishes, wooden furniture, the open kitchen filled with fresh vegetables and green plants everywhere around – it all impact the unique atmosphere of this place.


Creative environment, and, what’s more, filled with a bright Valencia’s sun, definitely drives productivity. Would you like to try?


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  • Laptop-friendly café
  • Plenty of desks, chairs, and sockets
  • Free WiFi
  • Large tables
  • Welcoming atmosphere
  • Inside garden with tables, chairs and tropical plants
  • Tasty, healthy and relatively inexpensive food



  • not sure if there are any… 🙂


Address: Carrer de Buenos Aires, 3, 46006 Valencia



S C O R E  : 5 / 5




2. El Café de Co.


El Cafe de Co. is a laptop-friendly place which is a part of Wayco – one of the coworking spaces in Valencia. It’s a unique spot on the map of the city for digital nomads, mainly because of the very extensive infrastructure which makes your work with laptop easier. These are, among others, plenty of large and comfortable tables, a free WiFi or sockets which you can find even on the outside terrace (it’s a super cool advantage, isn’t it? ;)).


Digital-Nomad-Guide-to-Valencia,-Spain-crafttheway-(9) Digital-Nomad-Guide-to-Valencia,-Spain-crafttheway-(10)Digital-Nomad-Guide-to-Valencia,-Spain-crafttheway-(12)


What’s more, the majority of visitors of El Café de Co. have a common goal – they want to find a spot to work in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. And that’s another big advantage of this cafe. If you visit Valencia only for a few days and don’t want to rent a desk, the opportunity of spending a few hours in a laptop-friendly cafe, where you can meet other digital nomads, sounds interesting.


First of all, you spend a day in the inspiring and productive environment, and, besides, you might meet people who want to find a space to work and do some networking – exactly like you.


I’m pretty sure the most of the individuals who work remotely from different places all around the world could agree that similar initiatives are crucial. Hopefully, there will be still more and more places like that!





  • Laptop-friendly café
  • Coworking space & café in the same building
  • Possibilities of networking
  • Inside garden with a proper infrastructure to work remotely
  • Tables, chairs, and sockets
  • Large tables to work in a group
  • Free WiFi
  • Creative environment
  • “Menu del dia (it’s a typical Spanish lunch offer with two dishes, dessert and drink included) in their daily offer



  • Relatively small range of dishes and drinks
  • There is no printed menu


Address: Carrer del Governador Vell, 29, 46003 València



S C O R E : 5 / 5




3. Bar&Kitchen


Bar&Kitchen is located in the central part of the city, in the heart of the historic neighborhood, Ciutat Vella. It’s hidden among the narrow streets, just beyond the Valencia’s cathedral. The location is a huge advantage of this place, as you can observe the daily life of Spanish people on the small squares and sinuous streets while walking to your destination.




Although the majority of guests come to Bar&Kitchen mainly to taste the Mediterranean cuisine, also Digital Nomads can easily find a spot for themselves here. I’d recommend this place especially for those, who need to find a cafe in the central part of Valencia, where they can spend a while with a laptop, drinking a fresh juice or tasting authentic Spanish tapas.




Bar&Kitchen has a modern interior design. Even though this place is not very big, you shouldn’t have any problem with finding an available spot at one of the big tables inside. For those, who prefer to spend a morning in the open air, there are a few tables in the outside terrace located among the historical architecture of Valencia.



  • Location in the city center, in the historical part of the city
  • Modern interior design
  • Local, Spanish cuisine
  • Fresh juices
  • Outside terrace
  • Large tables
  • Free WiFi


  • Not a typical place to work remotely
  • Relatively small
  • Could be noisy


Address: Plaça d’Ibanyes, 7, 46001 València



S C O R E : 5 / 5




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Have you ever had an opportunity to work on your projects in Valencia? What are the best spots to work remotely that you can recommend to visit? I’m looking forward to hearing from you!




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