There are many reasons to spend your time active and discover new hiking trails, especially if you’re going to visit Catalonia, Spain.

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In Catalonia, there are numerous hiking trails located in mountains and natural parks. The unique vegetation, unusual landforms, phenomenal rock massifs and wild animals are one of the most important values of these areas to travellers.


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In the previous post, I wrote about Serra de Collserola Natural Park. Today I want to tell you something more about the best hiking trails near a small Catalan town Figaró.


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About Figaró-Montmany

Figaró-Montmany is a municipality in Catalonia situated nearly 50 km outside Barcelona. The main advantage of this place is its localisation between some of the most interesting natural areas in Catalonia. For instance, on the north-eastern side of Figaró begins the Montseny Natural Park. It covers the area of nearly 30,000 acres of mountains. There are small villages, historical monuments as well as many walking routes. On the south-west side of Figaró, you can visit natural reserves as Gallifa or Sant Llorenç del Munt i l’Obac.


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Best hiking trails near Figaró

Location between the mountain trails makes Figaró a good base to start your hike trip. Which of directions mentioned before are worth to choose? It depends on your preferences, a physical condition or time which you want to spend on hiking.


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# T I P is a website when you can quickly search for the best hiking trials in a selected area. Users share their experiences when it comes to paths they passed, hours it took them to finish a route or a kind of transport they prefer. You can just look for inspiration or become a member of the community and share with others your photos, maps and opinions. There is also a mobile application which you can use during your mountain adventure to track your trail in a real time.


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From Figaró to Cingles de Bertí

So far, we wandered through the area situated on the south-west side of Figaró-Montmany. One of the routes that we did was from Figaró to Cingles de Bertí and then back to Figaró. We went from the Figaro train station, through the Sot del Bac. Our primary goal was to reach the summit of the La Trona rock.


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When we finally did it, we had an opportunity to admire landscapes from a height. The views were to die for, and it reminded me of the popular Hobbit village.


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We finished our route back at the train station in Figaró. The whole trip lasted about 4 hours, and the route can be described as medium difficult.


How to get to Figaró from Barcelona

If you are planning to start your journey to Figaró from Barcelona, you can choose the direct train R3, operated by Renfe. The one-way ticket costs about few euros.


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# T I P


If you want to back to the city also from the Figaró train station, I highly recommend you to buy a return ticket at the beginning of your journey. Unfortunately, there isn’t a place in Figaró where you can buy a new one.


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