Costa Brava is one of the most recognisable tourist destinations in Spain. Well-known for every adventure seeker offers many attractions and destinations to explore.





Costa Brava is very diversified but above all purely beautiful. In the next few posts, I will share my experience related to exploring different spots in this area. Each of articles will be dedicated to another town, that you will be able to discover its diversity and thus also magnetism. Today, I want to show you many faces of Blanes.




Gateway to Costa Brava


Blanes is often called a gateway to Costa Brava. It’s a small but beautiful city on the north coast of Spain.




The primary symbol of Blanes is La Palomera – a large symbolic rock in the sea. It’s the beginning of Costa Brava.




Sea views from the botanical garden


There are many destinations you should discover in Blanes. Let’s start from the botanical garden Mar i Murtra which is considered as the most impressive garden in this part of Europe. On the 16-hectares ground, you can see many types of Mediterranean plants. During a walk through the green alleys, you have an opportunity to observe incredible views of the sea.




Secret coves


Just behind the main promenade of Blanes, there are hidden some of the most beautiful secret beaches on Costa Brava. The ideal choice for every sunbath lover is the Cala Bona cove.




Cala Bona is hidden behind high cliffs which are surrounding the main beach in Blanes. As a result, walk to this spot is full of stunning views from the top of the entire city.




The beach located in the Cala Bona cove is nice and peaceful. Seawater seems to be almost transparent with numerous azure glares.




Afternoon with Spanish cuisine


The central point of Blanes is a small but charming street. You can find there a lot of local markets and coffee shops.




If you want to try an authentic Spanish cuisine, you have to remember that approximately between 1 pm and 5 pm you can face a problem with finding an open restaurant due to the fact that it’s a siesta time in Spain. You should take a look at restaurants located near the beach. I strongly recommend you to choose a place with Menú del día in its offer. It consists two different dishes and dessert (bread and drink included) so that you can taste different kinds of traditional Spanish dishes. I’m sure that you will find it delicious.






Public transport from Barcelona to Blanes


Cercanias is the most popular mode of public transportation between Barcelona and Blanes (it’s operated by RENFE). You should get on the R1 train line which goes directly to Blanes. Trains run every 30 minutes; for a single ticket, you will pay about few euros. You can find a detailed timetable at RENFE’s website.



Have you ever visited Blanes? Don’t hesitate to share with us your experiences in the comments below!